Tender 1 Gang Switch-Silver

A one-gang, one-way switch is the perfect fit for controlling lights in the interior. The Tender 1 gang switch silver will permanently elevate the elegance and beauty of your living area.     Inquire Now

It is ideal for interior designers who want to exhibit their skills while keeping safety in mind and electricians working on new construction or restoration projects. This excellent switch allows owners of both commercial and residential establishments to be as creative with design as they like!

Key Features

Fireproof Handle and Cover

The Tender 1 Gang Switch-Silver is made of fireproof PC material, ensuring maximum safety and longevity. It is perfect for both home and commercial areas.

Ultra-slim Design

This switch’s 1.2mm thickness allows it to fit neatly on any wall and gives your home a more elegant appearance.

Matt Finish Cover

It also includes a matte-finish cover, which adds beauty while reducing reflections and fingerprints, keeping it always clean.

Durable Materials

This switch was built to withstand repeated use while remaining dependable in the long run. It uses high-quality copper components and metal-supported silver connections.


Technical Specifications

  • Backseat Material: Nylon PA66 for enhanced durability
  • Screws: Made from sturdy iron
  • Red Copper Contacts: Ensure optimal conductivity and performance


Why Should You Choose the Tender 1 Gang Switch in Silver?

Fireproof Safety: Put safety first with a fireproof design that satisfies the highest standards.

Slim and Stylish: An ultra-slim profile and matt finish create a modern, streamlined style.

Built to Last: Experience the benefits of high-quality materials and superb craftsmanship for long-lasting performance.

Great For 

Interior Designers: Bring a touch of modern elegance to your projects.

Electricians: Offer clients a high-quality, safe solution.

Real Estate Owners: Raise the appeal and value of your homes.

Hotel Owners and Hospitals: Maintain both style and safety in high-traffic areas.

Complement your interiors with the Tender 1 Gang Switch-Silver, where safety meets style.