Know how to upgrade your home to smart lighting

Lights play an essential role in the aesthetics of a home. Every area, every room not only requires but also demands a different illumination that changes the entire look and feel of a house. Thus, below are some tips of using smart lighting that can upgrade your home-

  • Create your own ambiance

Lighting is all about triggering emotions and giving an additional dimension to the same setting. However, when upgrading this source of illumination to smart lighting, then along with the above, it also allows creating a picturesque scenario at home, with a click of a button.

Wondering what it means, the pre-programming feature of smart lighting allows you to make changes to the brightness, colour temperature, and different hues in the settings, and tweak the room’s lights just right, and even save those settings as a scene in your app. So, set-up a romantic night with your loved one, especially during the COVID-19 time when going out is rare to brightening the room to modify it into a sports night with the friends by just changing to smart lighting.

  • Smart control through app or voice command

One of the notable advantages of smart lighting is its convenience and comfort. With a one-click control through an app and voice-activated command through popular services like Alexa and Google Home, this form of illumination can be directed from the comfort of your sofa or bed. It also allows managing the luminaries of every room in the house, thereby keeping a check on the electricity bill.

  • Scheduling

Scheduling in smart lighting is a highlight feature that enables you can program the lights for a specific bulb or a group of lights that turn on or off at a particular time every day. The attribute also allows you to program them at random times, so that adds a layer of security when someone approaches your home late at night. This feature adds an automation function to home lighting.

  • Toning and color effects of light

There is a strong relation between colours and illumination. Thus, with smart lightening, which allows control and changing of tones and hues, you can set it according to the area of the home. For example, they say red colour lighting makes you hungry and even raises the room’s energy. Likewise, yellow captures the joy and communicates happiness; thus, both are considered ideal for kitchens, dining rooms. Similarly, colour temperature, which is measured in Kelvin scale has an effect, i.e. higher the temperature, the cooler and brighter the light making it suitable for the bathroom and study rooms. Whereas, lower temperature lights, means warmer light making it relaxing and inviting, which is apt for the bedroom and dining area.

These are just a few of the many tips that can be made to a home with smart lighting modifications. So, let’s get started by exploring the diverse lighting options at Havells.